28 - 30 August 2020

Women's Safety


Keynote Speakers

Rana Abdelhamid Google's Women Techmakers Global Marketing and Partnerships Lead

Merve Isler Google Developer Relations Coordinator


Let's build for
Women's Safety!

The Women’s Safety Hackathon is a series of community events bringing together women across the globe to apply tech-based solutions to challenges of women’s safety online.

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Are You Aware of 'Digital Violence'?

By accessing the private information, embarrass the victim, contact the victim, or create fraudulent identity documents

This is digital violence! Impersonation

Expressions which spread, incite,or justify hatred based on sex or gender, such as rape or death threats

This is digital violence! Sexist Hate Speech

The act of targeting someone to bully or harass through a hostile mob/personal deployment

This is digital violence! Mobbing

The revelation of personally identifiable information with the intent to cause fear, stress, panic in the intended victim

This is digital violence! Doxxing

Misrepresenting themselves online, often using fake profiles with the intention of luring someone into a relationship

This is digital violence! Catfishing

Stalk and monitor a victim’s activities and behaviors either in real-time or historically

This is digital violence! Surveillance