Can men participate in the hackathon?

Yes, we are open to everyone, provided that you have at least one female teammate in your team.

How many days will the hackathon take?

The hackathon will take 3 days in total. On the first day, there will be the opening and info, on the second day, teams have been established and you will meet with mentors. There will be the winner presentations on the third day and the winning teams will be announced.

How can I join the hackathon?

You can join the Hackathon via website or through the registration link on our social media accounts.

Do I need to know coding to join the Hackathon? Should the product contain any code?

No, we will compete our ideas and solutions in this event.

I want to attend the event but I don't have a team, what can I do?

After applying to the event, you will be able to create a team of up to 4 people by meeting other participants from our Discord channel, which we will direct you.

Will the online event participation certificate be given at the end of the hackathon?

Everyone who makes a presentation and completes the Hackathon will be given an online event participation certificate.

What will be taken into consideration while evaluating our idea or product?

While developing and presenting your product, make sure your project covers the following questions.
❓Which problem do you find a solution?
🤓Who / whose problem do you find a solution?
🦾How do you plan to solve the problem?
👩👱‍♂️Who will use this solution?
🌍Who is your audience?
👶👵 Is there any age limit?
💵Is there any threshold in terms of price, accessibility, cost, or technology? (For example, App may only be running on iOS devices, your app/solution may have a subscription fee)
⏰ How long do you expect your project to gain popularity?
👀 Is your project sustainable?
⚡️ How realistic/feasible is your project?
🤝Do you need any support or special permission to implement the project? If yes, what kind of support/permissions do you need?